About me:

I’m Philip Jones, and I’m a public relations specialist for a boutique communications firm in Austin, TX.

In college, I planned on a career in journalism. The bloodbath of layoffs and our current economic mess made that a bit of an impossibility. My skills landed me a position in PR.

About my career:

I’ve learned how to leverage the most from limited resoruces. Maximizing returns on effort means being creative, open to new ideas, and aware of examples of success in the field.

One of the advantages of being young in the PR industry is that communication is changing faster than it has at any point in human history. Public relations professionals need to be adaptable instead of hanging their hat on what worked five or ten years ago. Those changes will only come faster as technology and dispositions advance.

About the blog:

I started this blog to share some of those examples and to open up conversations about best practices and developments in the field of public relations.

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